Dior Diorshow Heat CurlHeating Lash Curler


When this first came out I was soooo excited that I actually ordered it the day it became available.  When I got it and tried using it I was so un-excited.

It’s really hard for me to give any review on this product because it never even worked for me…..ever.

There is a little indicator light that is supposed to turn green when the lash curler heats up and is ready for use.  Well, this light never even lit up for me (and after reading other reviews, it didn’t for other people either).  I figured that maybe since this was the first time using it that it would need a little extra time to heat up.  Well, I left the thing on for at least a half hour hoping that eventually the little green light would come on…..good thing I didn’t hold my breath because it never did.

Aside from the little green light never coming on, I felt like it barely even warmed up.  I felt only the faintest touch of heat from the top of the wand (even though the little green light never came on).  I didn’t expect it to be burning hot but I expected a little bit of heat to come from it (more than I ever noticed it get at least).

I still tried to use it.  I noticed absolutely NO curl to my lashes when I used it prior to applying mascara or after applying mascara.  It did absolutely nothing.

I returned it.



  • The whole product itself



One thought on “Dior Diorshow Heat CurlHeating Lash Curler

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