Sephora Collection Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer


I have to say that I was actually surprised by how much I liked this primer.  I normally use Smashbox Photo Finish Primer or Tarte’s Poreless Primer and I decided to give this one a try on a whim when I was placing an order on Sephora.  (The price tag on this was also alluring!)

For $15, I think this product is well worth the money.

The consistency isn’t quite like Tarte’s Poreless Primer.  (If you haven’t ever tried that, it’s a clear thicker consistency, almost wax-like).  It’s not quite as thick and I think it actually applies a little easier than Tarte’s.  Sephora’s primer also has a more luminous glow to it.  In the bottle, it looks almost shimmery, but when I applied it, it wasn’t.  Once it sets, I don’t think it’s really that luminous at all and I feel like Tarte’s primer gave me a little more of a dewy glow.  So I would recommend Sephora’s primer if you are going for a more matte finish.

I used Smashbox BB Cream, Smashbox Bronze Lights and Bare Minerals Powder Foundation over top of it.  (As well as Tarte’s Maracuja Concealer in a couple of areas).  (And by now you are probably thinking: “Wow she really layers the stuff on”-lol!) Surprisingly, after all of that, my face doesn’t look heavy or cakey and it feels very smooth and light.

The primer has been on for about 5 hours now (as well as the other makeup) and I haven’t noticed any changes.  It’s still holding up and hasn’t worn off.

Overall, I would recommend this product.  So far I like it and I think the price tag on it is something that most people would appreciate!


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Extends length of makeup wear
  • A little goes a long way
  • Creates a smooth canvas


  • Doesn’t provide thick coverage (this could be a pro for some people)
  • Doesn’t provide a luminous glow (this could also be a pro for some people)

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