Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation SPF 20


I was flipping through channels one night and stumbled onto a QVC special with Josie Maran.  I’m a somewhat new fan to Josie Maran’s line of products but the ones that I have tried, I always seem to like.  So I started watching and they introduced this product.  I was pretty intrigued by it and thought it looked neat and like something I would like so I decided to give it a try and order it.  (I ordered it from Sephora though instead of QVC.)

I ordered the compact in light/medium and it seems to be a good match for me.

I tried it out and my overall impression of the product is that I like it!

When I first applied it, it looked too light for my skin and looked a little powdery.  I like it alone for less than a minute (didn’t touch or fuss over it) and let it do its thing.  Sure enough, it changed and ended up matching my skin color pretty much spot on.  Yay!

I don’t think it offers the fullest coverage though.  I had a couple small blemishes (more on the reddish side) that I was hoping to cover up with it and unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  It definitely helped to disguise them but I wouldn’t say that it completely hid them as I would have liked it to.  Now, it also could have been an operator error on my part and maybe I should have kept applying it.  However, I didn’t really think that I should be need to “cake it on” to hide the blemishes.  Oh well, I still like it!

I think my biggest dislike for this product isn’t actually the product itself but the compact that the product comes in.  I have to say that this is probably one of the cheapest compacts I have ever dealt with.  (And I’ve used a lot!)  I feel like I have gotten cheap drugstore brand compacts in the past that were of a better quality than this compact.  I’m afraid that if I ever dropped this thing it would crack and instantly break.  I feel like just opening and closing it will cause it to break if I am not careful with it.  Also, the sponge that is included is very thin and seems like it is going to wear out and crumble very quickly.  Of course, a new sponge can always be purchased to replace this thin one once it wears out.  I just feel like for $34.00 it should be of better quality.


  • Changes to match your skin color/tune
  • Applies evenly and smoothly
  • Lightweight
  • Doesn’t look caked on or thick


  • Cheap compact
  • Thin cheap sponge
  • Doesn’t cover blemishes completely (at least not the redder ones!)

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